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How to make money with Listia

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 Listia is an auction website similar to Ebay, except instead of dealing with real money, people just deal in credits. People sell items for credits and other people buy items for credits. Everyone starts with 500 credits and can buy what they want for free. Alternatively, people can either buy or do offers for credits if they really need them. These are some of the guidelines to follow when on Listia. If you want to know how to make money through Listia, Keep reading below First, to clear things up, this isn’t one of those “Quick! Making $10,000 in an hour!” type of deal. Sorry if you thought this guide was one of those guides. This will be a bit slow to start up unless you invest or know a way to accumulate lots of high valued items for cheap. But this is no scam, you will be guaranteed to make money, no joke. As long as you have time and what I’m going to list in the "Requirements" section, you WILL make money. Not like an income (who knows maybe :D), but like a little money on the side to spend knowing it was basically free.

  Requirements To Start Making Money

What you need to succeed: A Listia account. Just go to This is the simplest of the things to get. Time. This requires a little bit of waiting and time to set everything up, if you don’t have time, it’s going to be really hard to make money. An item to sell. These are the things you are going to sell to get credits.
Things that are recommended:
An US address. People on Listia hate sending things outside the US, if you don’t live in the US, you’re going to have a harder time to win things, but it’s still easy to sell. A Paypal account. If you want to keep everything you win (or sell everything in person), there’s no need for it, but if you want some cash, highly recommended. Also it’s possible to pay shipping for items won on Listia. An Ebay account. Same as above, I prefer to sell things on Ebay, due to its high amount of buyers and the ability to sign up without a credit card, unlike Amazon, and not having to do things personally. A method of acquiring items to sell. I will give some but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what you want to sell and how to acquire them. The overall strategy that I employ to earn money is to sell things for a high amount of credits and to buy items for a low amount of credits that would sell for a high amount on Ebay. There are things to think of when doing this. Few things to think of: Very few people has more than 150,000 credits. If you can get to that amount, you can buy almost anything. This amount should be your end goal. Once you reach this, you can pick the most profitable item to invest in. The profit margins increase as you get more credits. The profits you would make from a 1000 credit item is less than a 10,000 credit item and items get more and more profitable as you save. You can price your items more greedily. There's no need to be conservative with your price. If you want your auction to go for 5000 credits, set that as your start bid as long as it's free. Due to Listia's proxy bidding system, this is much more viable. Remember though that you would get lots of complaints and request the higher the start bid is. Advertise your site on your auction. A small text ad on your description promoting your referral link or something is very profitable. I've earned over 2000 Microsoft Points just from people signing up as my referral. All I did was put just a small description with a link on the bottom of my auction description. Not all members with zero feedback means that the auction is a scam. These are gold mines for me since there are less competition because the people with the most credits won't trust the person. That way, if I know the person selling the item is legitimate, I'll get the item at an exceptionally low price. I'll then sell that item for even a bigger profit. Now, I'll outline a variety of strategies possible that could work. They require a different amount of waiting or investment but would get you a different amount of cash.
Buying Cheaper Items:
You would get your item and be able to sell that on Ebay fast! This is the benefit. You would quickly get whatever your profit is within a week or two. The downside is that your profit is very low. I would estimate around $5-$10 of profit per auction. This is extremely limited due to the fact that you have to pay shipping per item on Ebay. So every time, you have to spend a few extra bucks to ship it, while if you bought fewer items, those shipping costs will turn into profit.
Buying Giftcards:
This is not personally my favorite strategy but I've been told that it does work. The strategy is to sell things like Microsoft Points or My Coke Reward points and buying giftcards like Amazon, Walmart, etc. The problem that I see is that I personally sell giftcards and is a very profitable item to sell, so I'm not going to make money buying back giftcards that I sell already. Depending on what you sell and what you want out of Listia, this is an okay strategy.
Hoarding Credits:
This is the most profitable strategy out of the list, but it takes time, a lot of time. The strategy is to save as many credits as possible and spending it on something that is worth a lot. As I explained previously, the amount of profit increases as you spend more, so this will make you along the lines of $50+, depending on how many credits you want to save. A prime example of this is to buy laptops on Listia. Legitimate laptop listings are rare but they can go for around 50,000-100,000+ but they sell for $200+. Depending on the laptop, that can mean over $100 in profit.
It is possible to mix and match strategies to suit your own needs and wants. If you need just $5 more to get an item from Amazon, but was going with the saving strategy, go for it. And if you want to save up for buying an expensive item you want but was going with the buying cheap items strategy, do it. These are just guidelines on how to approach the site in ways that will make you money.
Sell High, Buy Low, Make Cash What to sell:
Giftcards. The best ones to sell are ones that require no shipping. Things like Walmart E-Card or Amazon Giftcards are the best to sell. My favorites to sell are Amazon Giftcards due to them having a high sell value and the frequency that I can acquire them. Point Cards. What I mean are Microsoft Points, Playstation Network Cards, etc. They are extremely easy to get (included in "Methods") and they reliably sell. There will always be buyers for these as long as there are new members on Listia Reward Points. I personally don't sell these as I don't have a reliable method of getting them, but people sell these and they go for a decent amount of credits. If you drink lots of bottled soda, this should be for you. These can be very easily acquired and free to get.
What to Buy:
Smartphones. My personal favorite. These sell for a crazy amount on Ebay compared to other items and they go for a relatively low amount of credits. Also, newer members list these and sometimes they aren't scams but will go for a low amount of credits. iPods. They go for a generally higher amount of credits and the profit margins are lesser than smartphones, but the older versions of iPods like the Mini or earlier generation Nano will go for a low amount of credits. They still sell for a decent amount on Ebay. On the other hand, an iPod touch will sell for a large amount of credits and will sell for a good amount on Ebay. Hard Drives. I used to try to buy these since the hard drive market has skyrocketed in prices over the years, but they have been less listings of these that provide a good profit. They go for a mid-range amount of credits and sell for a lot on Ebay.
Another Thing to add.
Make 100,000 Credits Buy From Rewards Shop. a Amazon$100 Card For 100,000 then list it in 3 days it should get up to 125,000 Credits. Repeat steps 
Hop this guide help you all.
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